Apple breakfast crumble, this gluten free crumble with apple, cinnamon, nuts and oatmeal is a very filling breakfast. Lovely with some quark or yogurt. Read More

Banana blueberry pancakes. These gluten- and lactose free pancakes are made with only 3 ingredients. Read More

Banana flour breakfast tarts

Banana flour breakfast tarts with fruit. These gluten- and lactose free tarts are the perfect start of a Summery day. The refreshing coconut yogurt gives a nice effect. Read More

Banana flour is said to be the new almond flour and I made these healthy pancakes with it. I really like to work with this kind of flour. Read More

Banana pancakes with walnuts

Banana pancakes with walnuts. With only three ingredients the basis of these gluten free pancakes is already made. A healthy breakfast recipe that fills really good and is gluten and lactose free. Read More

Blackberry breakfast crumble

Ontbijt crumble met bramen 7 final

Blackberry breakfast crumble, these gluten free crumble with fresh fruit is really easy to make. Read More

Blackberry smoothie bowl, a very refreshing breakfast recipe. This bowl is made in the blink of an eye and it is very filling as well. ​Read More
Blackberry smoothie bowl, a very refreshing breakfast recipe. This bowl is made in the blink of an eye and it is very filling as well. ​Read More

Breakfast tarts with apple

Appeltaartjes 8

Breakfast tarts with apple. What is even better than having breakfast with tarts? Not much if you ask me. Read More

Ontbijt wafels met cranberry final

Breakfast waffles with cranberry. A nice breakfast is made in the blink of an eye with the recipe for these gluten free and lactose free waffles. Read More

Breakfast waffles with yogurt and blueberries. A healthy, gluten free and nutritional breakfast. You can make the topping with whatever you like, but by choosing fruit, yogurt and granola you have a sufficient nutritional breakfast to get through the day. Read More

Brunch sandwiches

Brunchbroodjes 8Easter recipe – Brunch sandwiches. These sandwiches can be decorated how you like and you can also make them as big as you like. Read More

Buckwheat pancakes with cinnamon. A pancake recipe for a gluten free and lactose free breakfast recipe. Read More


Cacao banana pancakes. Yes you are hearing it right, pancakes and cacao two of my favorites combined in a healthy breakfast. Read More


Carrot Cake Pancakes. Gluten- and lactose free pancakes with carrot. It doesn’t get more healthy than that and more tasty as well. Read More

Cashew butter


​​Cashew butter, a super easy and very delicious alternative for peanut butter. The flavor is a bit more sweet and home made always tastes better. Read More

Cheese sandwiches


​​Cheese sandwiches, a healthy and easy variation on the well-known cheese sandwich. Read More

Chocolade havermout pap met banaan 3 finalChocolate oatmeal porridge with banana. Chocolate in a breakfast makes it a bit more festive if you ask me. Read More

Chocolate sandwiches

Chocolade broodjes 4 final

Chocolate sandwiches, these lactose free chocolate sandwiches are not only healthy, they also taste really good and fill very well. Read More

Christmas bread with almond paste


​Christmas recipe – Christmas bread with almond paste. An easy and healthy variation on the less healthy Christmas stollen. Read More

Cinnamon pancakes with apple


Cinnamon pancakes with apple, a super delicious and healthy breakfast is easily made. These healthy pancakes are gluten- and lactose free and you can vary with it as well. Read More

Cinnamon sandwiches with raisins

10​​Cinnamon sandwiches with raisins. This is an ideal Christmas recipe, easy to make, healthy and super tasty! Read More

Koffie granola met havermout - Coffee granola with cacao 4 final

Coffee granola with oatmeal. A healthy breakfast with espresso, that makes this gluten free and lactose free granola with cacao and oatmeal into a perfect and healthy breakfast to wake you up. Read More

Coffee waffes with chocolate

Koffie wafels met chocolade 5 final

Coffee waffles with chocolate. A healthy breakfast recipe to start the year good. This healthy recipe is made with dark chocolate and espresso. The recipe is gluten- and lactose free. Read More


Croissants, but a bit more healthy. The first Christmas recipe is finally here. Read More

Dutch mini pancakes with apple and cinnamon

Poffertjes met appel en kaneel 5 final

Dutch mini pancakes with apple and cinnamon, a healthy breakfast recipe with fresh fruit. These mini pancakes are a lovely healthy breakfast. Read More

Egg muffins with bell pepper. This is the perfect anti-hangover breakfast and also really easy to make. Read More

French toast with fresh fruit

Wentelteefjes 6

French toast with fresh fruit. A super healthy breakfast that also fills really good. Read More

Gluten free muesli bread


Gluten free muesli bread with nuts. This gluten free bread is really easy to make with baking mix from Bauckhof. Read More

Gluten free nut bread

Glutenvrij notenbrood 6 final

Gluten free nut bread with fruit, a super delicious and healthy bread that fills really good and is easy to make as well. Read More

Granola cups with fruit

Granola cups 5

Granola cups with fruit. This super easy breakfast recipe is super healthy, fills really wel land is super tasty! Read More

Granola with chocolate


​​Granola with chocolate, these puffed spelt granola contains super healthy ingredients and is really crunch. Perfect for busy mornings. Read More


Granola pindakaas 7

​Granola with coconut and nuts. Among other things pistachios and chia seed complete this granola. Read More

Kiwi apple recipe with yogurt

Yoghurt ontbijt met fruit 4

​Kiwi apple recipe with yogurt. You can vary endless with this delicious and healthy breakfast recipe.  Read More

Kiwi smoothie bowl, a super healthy start of the day. This smoothie bowl is also really quick and easy to make. ​Read More

Mango breakfast muffins with pineapple

Mango ontbijtmuffins met ananas 7 final

Mango breakfast muffins with pineapple. A healthy and easy recipe that is what this is. Besides the fruit these muffins also contain seeds and nuts. Read More

Mango coconut smoothie bowl. This healthy, delicious breakfast is really quick and easy to make. Also perfect on the go and easy to vary with. ​Read More

Mango overnight oats

Mango overnight oats 5 final

Mango Overnight Oats, a nice and sweet breakfast recipe that can be easily prepared the night before. It saves time in the morning and you can quickly enjoy your delicious and healthy breakfast. Read More

Havermout speculaas pap met mandarijn 3 final

​Oatmeal gingerbread porridge with mandarin. A warm breakfast with warm spices and a refreshing effect because of the mandarin. Read More

Granola 5

Oatmeal ​Granola. Coconut, flax seed and walnuts are all in this richly filled granola. Read More

Oatmeal pancakes with fruit. This variation of banana pancakes is super healthy and really easy to make. ​Read More

Omelette with zucchini

Boerenomelet 9Omelette with zucchini, this heavy breakfast will definitely get you through a hangover and otherwise it is also a delicious lunch dish. Read More

Overnight Oats with apple. A healthy breakfast that you prepare the night before. That saves you time in the morning. ​Read More

Pancakes met chocolade 5

Pancakes with chocolate, these oatmeal pancakes are not only super healthy, they also fill very well. Read More

Pancakes with coconut. The pancakes are made from almond flour with cinnamon and coconut. A super delicious and healthy combination. ​Read More

Pancakes with granola and yogurt

Pancakes met granola en yoghurt 6

Pancakes with granola and yogurt. The pancakes are lactose free and for the yogurt I also used a plant based variation which makes the total recipe lactose free. Read More

Amandelmelk met havermout noten en blueberries 11

Porridge with oatmeal and blueberries, a nice and warm vegan breakfast recipe. Really easy to make, it fills good and is super delicious as well. Read More

Rozijnenbroodjes met amandelspijs 9 final

Raisin sandwiches with almond paste and nuts. These small sandwiches are perfect with the Christmas breakfast. A healthy breakfast recipe which is easy to make. Read More

Vruchten zaden brood 5

Seed and fruit bread, this banana bread has the structure of a bread and a nice bite because of the seeds and fruits it contains. Read More

Smoothie bowl with strawberries

Rode smoothiebowl 5

Smoothie bowl with strawberries and blueberries. The peanut butter gives a nice twist to this smoothie bowl, a fresh breakfast recipe. Read More

Spelt pancakes with coconut. These lactose free pancakes without refined sugars are the perfect start of your day! ​Read More

Strawberry breakfast tarts


Strawberry breakfast tarts, a gluten- and lactose free breakfast with oatmeal and fruit. You can also prepare them the night before so you only have to cover them in the morning. Read More

Strawberry pancake cake, a delicious breakfast with a luxury look. The Greek yogurt makes this very refreshing. Read More


Strawberry smoothie bowl, this super healthy breakfast can also be prepared the night before or you can eat it on the way when you are really limited in time. Read More

Granola 5

Superfoods granola. A delicious and healthy granola that you only have to add to your yogurt in the morning. Read More

Appel pap met kaneel 4

Vegan apple porridge with cinnamon. A nice and warm breakfast with real autumn flavors. And the big advantage is that it gives you a full feeling for a long time. Read More

Vegan breakfast crumble with pear

Vegan ontbijtcrumble met peer 6

Vegan breakfast crumble with pear. This healthy breakfast recipe can easily be prepared the night before, then you only have to warm it in the morning. Read More

Vegan cacao granola

Vegan granola 7

Vegan cacao granola, a delicious and healthy granola. Perfect as a breakfast combined with your vegan yogurt. Read More

Overnight Oats met pindakaas 6

Vegan Overnight Oats with coconut. A simple, vegan and healthy breakfast recipe that you only have to get out of the fridge in the morning. ​Read More

Vegan smoothie bowl with banana. This smoothie bowl is nicely filled with among other things spinach and oatmeal. For a healthy kickstart of your day. Lees meer

Yogurt with oatmeal and banana

Griekes yoghurt havemout walnoten 4

Yogurt with oatmeal and banana. This is a delicious, easy and healthy variation on the basic yogurt with oatmeal. ​Read More

Yogurt muffins with blueberries

Havermouttaartjes met Griekse Yoghurt 7

Yogurt muffins with blueberries. Fruit in a breakfast is always a good idea in a healthy lifestyle. These breakfast muffins are not only super delicious, but also really easy to make. Read More

Zucchini banana pancakes


​​Zucchini banana pancakes, these gluten free pancakes are made with only 4 ingredients. Read More

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