Breakfast (5)

Cinnamon sandwiches with raisins

10​​Cinnamon sandwiches with raisins. This is an ideal Christmas recipe, easy to make, healthy and super tasty! Read More

Coffee granola with oatmeal

Koffie granola met havermout - Coffee granola with cacao 4 final

Coffee granola with oatmeal. A healthy breakfast with espresso, that makes this gluten free and lactose free granola with cacao and oatmeal into a perfect and healthy breakfast to wake you up. Read More

Coffee waffes with chocolate

Koffie wafels met chocolade 5 final

Coffee waffles with chocolate. A healthy breakfast recipe to start the year good. This healthy recipe is made with dark chocolate and espresso. The recipe is gluten- and lactose free. Read More



Croissants, but a bit more healthy. The first Christmas recipe is finally here. Read More

Dutch mini pancakes with apple and cinnamon

Poffertjes met appel en kaneel 5 final

Dutch mini pancakes with apple and cinnamon, a healthy breakfast recipe with fresh fruit. These mini pancakes are a lovely healthy breakfast. Read More

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