Breakfast (4)

Cheese sandwiches


​​Cheese sandwiches, a healthy and easy variation on the well-known cheese sandwich. Read More

Chocolate oatmeal porridge with banana

Chocolade havermout pap met banaan 3 finalChocolate oatmeal porridge with banana. Chocolate in a breakfast makes it a bit more festive if you ask me. Read More

Chocolate sandwiches

Chocolade broodjes 4 final

Chocolate sandwiches, these lactose free chocolate sandwiches are not only healthy, they also taste really good and fill very well. Read More

Christmas bread with almond paste


​Christmas recipe – Christmas bread with almond paste. An easy and healthy variation on the less healthy Christmas stollen. Read More

Cinnamon pancakes with apple


Cinnamon pancakes with apple, a super delicious and healthy breakfast is easily made. These healthy pancakes are gluten- and lactose free and you can vary with it as well. Read More

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