Breakfast (12)

Vegan granola 7

Vegan cacao granola, a delicious and healthy granola. Perfect as a breakfast combined with your vegan yogurt. Read More

Vegan Overnight Oats with coconut

Overnight Oats met pindakaas 6

Vegan Overnight Oats with coconut. A simple, vegan and healthy breakfast recipe that you only have to get out of the fridge in the morning. ​Read More

Vegan smoothie bowl with banana

Groene smoothiebowl 3

Vegan smoothie bowl with banana. This smoothie bowl is nicely filled with among other things spinach and oatmeal. For a healthy kickstart of your day. Lees meer

Yogurt with oatmeal and banana

Griekes yoghurt havemout walnoten 4

Yogurt with oatmeal and banana. This is a delicious, easy and healthy variation on the basic yogurt with oatmeal. ​Read More

Yogurt muffins with blueberries

Havermouttaartjes met Griekse Yoghurt 7

Yogurt muffins with blueberries. Fruit in a breakfast is always a good idea in a healthy lifestyle. These breakfast muffins are not only super delicious, but also really easy to make. Read More

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