Breakfast (11)

Strawberry pancake cake, a delicious breakfast with a luxury look. The Greek yogurt makes this very refreshing. Read More

Strawberry smoothie bowl


Strawberry smoothie bowl, this super healthy breakfast can also be prepared the night before or you can eat it on the way when you are really limited in time. Read More

Superfoods granola

Granola 5

Superfoods granola. A delicious and healthy granola that you only have to add to your yogurt in the morning. Read More

Appel pap met kaneel 4

Vegan apple porridge with cinnamon. A nice and warm breakfast with real autumn flavors. And the big advantage is that it gives you a full feeling for a long time. Read More

Vegan breakfast crumble with pear

Vegan ontbijtcrumble met peer 6

Vegan breakfast crumble with pear. This healthy breakfast recipe can easily be prepared the night before, then you only have to warm it in the morning. Read More

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