Breakfast (10)

Rozijnenbroodjes met amandelspijs 9 final

Raisin sandwiches with almond paste and nuts. These small sandwiches are perfect with the Christmas breakfast. A healthy breakfast recipe which is easy to make. Read More

Seed and fruit bread

Vruchten zaden brood 5

Seed and fruit bread, this banana bread has the structure of a bread and a nice bite because of the seeds and fruits it contains. Read More

Smoothie bowl with strawberries

Rode smoothiebowl 5

Smoothie bowl with strawberries and blueberries. The peanut butter gives a nice twist to this smoothie bowl, a fresh breakfast recipe. Read More

Spelt pancakes with coconut. These lactose free pancakes without refined sugars are the perfect start of your day! ​Read More

Strawberry breakfast tarts


Strawberry breakfast tarts, a gluten- and lactose free breakfast with oatmeal and fruit. You can also prepare them the night before so you only have to cover them in the morning. Read More

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