Breakfast (1)


Apple breakfast crumble, this gluten free crumble with apple, cinnamon, nuts and oatmeal is a very filling breakfast. Lovely with some quark or yogurt. Read More

Banana blueberry pancakes. These gluten- and lactose free pancakes are made with only 3 ingredients. Read More

Banana flour breakfast tarts

Banana flour breakfast tarts with fruit. These gluten- and lactose free tarts are the perfect start of a Summery day. The refreshing coconut yogurt gives a nice effect. Read More

Banana flour is said to be the new almond flour and I made these healthy pancakes with it. I really like to work with this kind of flour. Read More

Banana pancakes with walnuts

Banana pancakes with walnuts. With only three ingredients the basis of these gluten free pancakes is already made. A healthy breakfast recipe that fills really good and is gluten and lactose free. Read More


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