Vegan apple porridge with cinnamon

Vegan apple porridge with cinnamon. A nice and warm breakfast with real autumn flavors. And the big advantage is that it gives you a full feeling.
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Honestly I don’t like the autumn that much and neither the winter. I don’t like cold and rain and I am always cold. But since this year I do feel like autumn flavors and I crave cinnamon a lot at the moment. Every night I also drink a chai goodnight drink from Rens Kroes before bed, it also contains quite some cinnamon and I sleep like a baby!

Soup was never something I really liked. Or actually I think it has been between by ears, but I just didn’t eat it. Last winter I made a tomato soup for the first time, because I though not much could go wrong. And that seemed right because I liked it a lot. And last weekend I went a step further to make a pumpkin soup. Slowly but surely I am getting used to the fact that the seasons are there. And I do like to find products of the season on the market place. So it might take me 25 years but I seem to be liking the seasons finally.

Preparation time: 5 minutes
Cooking time:         5-10 minutes
Amount:                    1 portion
Special Products:

  • None

                                     Egg free   Lactose free   Nut free      No refined   100% organic   Vegan                                                                                                                      sugars            ingredients                                                                                                                                         added

  • 350 milliliters plant based milk
  • 50 grams oatmeal*
  • 3 grams cinnamon
  • 1 apple* By choosing a gluten free oatmeal you can make this recipe gluten free.

How to make it?

Put the plant based milk in a small pan and add the oatmeal as well as the cinnamon.

Mix the ingredients to make sure the cinnamon is well divided. Warm on medium heat fire. Make sure it does not boil, after approximately 5 minutes the mixture is warmed. In the meantime you can peel the apple and cut into smaller pieces. I had quite a big apple and used 3/4 of the apple. Put the apple pieces in the bowl from which you are going to eat this dish.

Next add the warmed porridge mixture to it. Mix and you can enjoy this warm, vegan an organic breakfast. Optionally you can decorate with some extra cinnamon.
pap, blog, vegan, appel, havermout, plantaardige melk, havermelk, havermout, organic happiness, biologische foodblog, foodblogger

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