Strawberry Smoothie Bowl

Strawberry Smoothie Bowl, this super healthy breakfast is also really easy to make the night before or to eat on the go when you really don’t have time.
With this Summery weather a smoothie bowl is a lovely breakfast. It is quick to make, but it also gives you a part of your vitamins for the day which I believe is the perfect start of the day. I do notice craving to eat more varied lately. Also with my lunch dishes so I more often make lunch dishes with vegetables which I like a lot. This week I had made a wrap with spinach, mango, goat cheese and cashews. The other day I had made a spinach salad with nuts, strawberries and a boiled egg. It does take some extra time in the morning or the evening before, but it is so nice to feel that I do have more energy after lunch than I did before.
I am again working on a more healthy lifestyle. Eating healthy has always been on my mind, but I didn’t move my body enough. Going to the gym was usually finding excuses to not go and I notice not feeling happy about it. 2 years ago just before we moved in together  I was in a perfect workout flow. Every day after dinner I did a workout of 15-30 minutes which differed per day. I made my own schedules and was really excited about it. When we moved in together and had to do a lot in the house I didn’t do it anymore and nowadays I prefer sitting behind my laptop writing a blog than doing a workout so I thought it was time for a change.
So this week I set some goals for myself. Or actually last week but I only kept them one day. So I started again this week. The first goal is 5000 steps on a day. I hear people often say that 10000 steps per day should be good, but with a mainly sitting job that is not realistic so I am starting with 5000 and it goes quite well. Tuesday I went shopping in my lunch break (that is a lot of steps) and at night I did a big walk with Leyla which resulted in 6600 steps! I do notice to get to the goal of 5000 steps I have to walk at least 30 minutes in addition to the regular walk that I do with Leyla and it is a challenge, but I like it.
To get into the working out again I set myself small goals. I know that when I say I need to do 10 different exercises I will find excuses and just don’t do it. So I am starting small to get into the habit again and will build from there. So besides the 5000 steps I have to do 20 crunches, 20 squats en 30 seconds of plank 4 days a week. And in addition to that I want to do 1 bigger workout in the gym or a home workout with a Youtube video. That way I hope to feel more comfortable in my skin. I do feel fine by the way and am really happy, but the small belly is bothering me though. And because I soon will be in Spain I want to be a bit more fit by then. Definitely if you eat that healthy and don’t always see the results I just don’t like that.

Preparation time:  5 minutes
Blender time:           3 minutes
Amount:                      1 smoothie bowl
Special Products:

  • Blender

                 Egg free    Gluten free      Lactose free   Nut free     No refined        100%            Vegan                                                                                                                           sugars added     organic                                                                                                                                                                              ingredients

Smoothie bowl
75 milliliters coconut milk
85 grams strawberries
75 grams cranberries
100 grams carrots
1 banana
6 grams hemp seed
1 banana
12 grams pumpkin seeds
4 grams grated coconut

How to make it?

First put the coconut milk in the blender. Wash the fruit and vegetables. Remove the crowns from the strawberries and add the to the blender together with the cranberries and carrots. Mix into a smooth smoothie in approximately 3 minutes. Pour into a cup.

You can now carefully top the smoothie bowl with the topping ingredients. If you want to use other ingredients for the topping that is also possible.

You can now enjoy this healthy, organic and easy smoothie bowl!
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