Cacao and Maca Bliss Balls

Cacao and Maca Bliss Balls

“We know that raw cacao is really healthy, but maca is at least just as healthy.

Cacao and Maca bliss balls. These black and white Bliss Balls are not only super delicious and healthy, but also really easy to make.

I have known Cacao bliss balls for a while and I am a real fan of them. That is why I decided to vary with these bliss balls by using cacao as well as maca. Which are two super healthy options by the way. 

We know that raw cacao is really healthy, but maca is at least just as healthy. If you don’t yet know maca (which I can definitely imagine) I will tell you a bit more about it.

Maca is a carrot which belongs to the radish family and grows in Peru.  It is used in different forms (powder, liquid, pill), I used the powder. Maca is ver healthy for vegans because it contains a lot of vitamin B12 and proteins.

Maca can also help with reducing menstrual complaints. And it can improve your stamina that is why many athletes use Maca as well. Your energy level can increase when you have Maca and it will give you a boost when you are tired. Besides that Maca will also keep your bones and teeth healthy, improves the recovery of wounds and has a positive effect on the skin. At last experiences of people having Maca show that it could have a positive effect on your emotions, and could even decrease depressive and anxiety complaints. (1)

Enough reasons to try this nice powder and you can do so in these delicious bliss balls. If you don’t have Maca or can’t find it (you can buy it at most supermarkets or health stores) you can also make all bliss balls with cacao or use gingerbread spices instead.

1 Source: https://www.ahealthylife.nl/de-7-top-gezondheidsvoordelen-van-maca/ 

Preparation time: 10 minutes

Amount:                     approximately 30 balls

Special Products:

  • Food Processor



  • 15 grams coconut oil
  • 250 grams dates
  • 100 grams almond flour
  • 10 grams maca powder
  • 40 grams buckwheat flakes
  • 5 grams cacao (topping)
  • 5 grams maca (topping)

How to make it?

First heat the coconut oil in a small pan on low heat fire and melt slowly. In the meantime mix the dates into a smooth mixture in the food processor. When they are mixed properly you can add the almond flour, maca and the buckwheat flakes to it. When the coconut oil has melted you can add that as well. Mix into a firm mixture. 

When you have a firm mixture you can make the balls. You can make them as big as you like. Grab a bit of the mixture and roll into a small ball. You can lay them on a plate.

In the meantime grab 2 small bowls and put the maca in one and the cacao in the other bowl. Roll the balls through it and make sure they are completely covered with maca or cacao.

You can set the balls in the fridge for a while to harden and enjoy these delicious bliss balls.

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