Personal month overview May

Personal month overview May

“I am not necessarily a party animal, but I do like to dance.

Personal month overview May, it was a busy month in which we had a lot to do. I will take you through it in the month overview.

I wanted to visit the Freedom Festival in Vlissingen at 5 May and visit almost every year. But the weather was so bad that I decided to stay home. Jens had to play a soccer game and we planned to go afterwards, but we didn’t do it. The week after that Ajax played the second semi final of the Champions League on Wednesday. You might not expect it, but I am a real soccer fan and especially Ajax. I didn’t miss a match and saw everything.

Jens doesn’t care about watching soccer at all and he wasn’t even home, I didn’t want to watch it alone so I went to my parents to watch it with them. A nice evening, too bad what the outcome of the match was.

I visited my parents a lot more this month than I usually do, Sunday was Mothers Day so Leyla and I went to have a cup of coffee at my mum. Jens again had to play a soccer match, but combined that with a visit to his mother, we both fulfilled our duty. I think it is a bit special¬† that Mothers Day has become so commercial that you can’t not visit you Mother at that day it has actually become a second birth day.


Leyla always likes it a lot when we go somewhere but afterwards she always needs time to recover all impulses, like she did here. And Saturday she could again join us in visiting my parents, it was my Mothers birthday. We celebrated it by eating at my parents and my grandmother was there as well. Like I said it was quite a busy month with a lot of obligations, something that I don’t like at all …

Besides that we still had a nice evening and the food was really good as well. My mum had a delicious rice table for us. She had her doubts of making everything herself, but decided to make it easy for herself and to pick it up. A good choice because it was really delicious! We didn’t arrive at home really early in the evening and because Jens had to play soccer again the next day he stayed in bed a bit longer. In the meantime I went to the store to get a nice Sunday morning breakfast.


We enjoyed it together before he went off again to play soccer. Leyla and I enjoyed out lazy Sunday together.


A busy week at work just before my holiday and the last weekend before my holiday was also quite busy. Luckily I did have a long weekend. I started the weekend on Friday with my mum in Goes. First we went shopping ( I bought a lovely dress) and afterwards we had lunch at Katoen in the sun.


These bread rolls of tomato bread, filled with among other things cheddar cheese and chicken filet are delicious. I enjoyed them a lot. Saturday I was on a job fair in Gent, which I always like to do. Even though we didn’t speak to a lot of suitable candidate I did like doing it.


And Saturday night I had to hurry to be on time at my parents in law. Jens’ aunt turned 50 and that was celebrated with a purple disco party. Unfortunately the battery of my phone died early in the evening, but it was amazing. I am not necessarily a party animal but I do like to dance. After having been chatting for a while we saw that is was getting more crowded on the dance floor, so Jens and I decided to also go to the dance floor. Even though Jens left quite early to speak to several people I was still dancing. I had a great time and wasn’t tired at all.

The advantage was that I had to drive so I was fit the next day, that was slightly different for Jens. Eventually we lay in our beds at 3 AM and the alarm was early, because Jens had to play an important soccer game. If they won they could enter the play offs to be able to promote to a higher class. And they did they even won with 5-1!

Then there were only 3 working days for me because of Ascension Day. Those days went by real quick and Wednesday afternoon I had my Holiday already that we again started with Jens’ family. We went to a Chinese buffet restaurant. Jens’ grandparents both had their birthday the week before and always celebrate that by going to this restaurant with the children and grandchildren. We had a lot of fun and the food was good as well, so I had a nice evening.

And since Thursday I am completely in my Holiday mode. Getting up early, make long walks with Leyla, yoga, reading a lot of books, sitting in the garden and make new recipes. I can continue doing this the upcoming 3 weeks

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