Personal Month Overview April 2019

Personal month overview April 2019

“Afterwards we went to my sister were I got another bag filled with clothes that she doesn’t wear anymore.”

Personal month overview April 2019. Every new month I start with new intentions and that is also what I did this April. And in those intentions I wrote that I wanted to be less on and with my phone. I managed to do it, but also made a lot less pictures because of it, but I will fix that this month. On my phone (an Iphone) I have set the screen time between 12.00 and 21.00. That means that before 12.00 and after 21.00 I can’t do anything on it and can’t be distracted as well. You can also decide to allow certain apps or allow them temporarily. Like Google Maps so you can find the directions to your meeting for example.

I started the month really happy. On Wednesday I always do my grocery shopping including fruit and vegetables (at a special store). And when I arrived I saw fresh strawberries. I asked it to be sure but they were really the first Dutch strawberries of this year. Luckily they weren’t extremely expensive as well, so I could enjoy these fresh strawberries for the first time this Spring. And I did, next day I made an omelette (whisked egg with some almond milk) and covered it with Greek Yogurt and a lot of fruit, including these delicious strawberries.

My sister also arrived home at the beginning of the month after traveling 3,5 weeks. It seemed like a good idea to have lunch with her and my parents on my free Friday. Unfortunately she as well as my dad had to work, so I had lunch with my mother in Domburg. And that is where my sister works, so we could step by her job also. In Domburg we had a lovely lunch at the Domburgsche Bier en Melk Salon. I had a warm crumble with Greek Yogurt. Afterwards we went to my sister were I again got a bag filled with clothes that she doesn’t wear anymore. Very nice to expand my wardrobe like that.

On Saturday I had a date with a friend and we went to Veere to a stone shop. It was really opened according to the website. Unfortunately the opposite was true and we went to have grilled cheese sandwiches, also nice and we had fun. We have to do the buying stones another time again.

And then suddenly Good Friday had arrived and I had a super long Easter weekend. Because I had switched my days a bit I already had a free day on Good Friday and had 4 free days in a row. I spend them well, especially in the kitchen, I made 5 new recipes and enjoyed them a lot.

On the first day of Easter we had quite a busy day, we even set our alarm at 06.00 so we had some time for ourselves and each other. We walked in the woods with Leyla already at 06.15 in the morning. The sun was rising and the birds were whistling. A lovely start of the day.

When we arrived back home, I made a very festive breakfast for the two of us. Pancakes with home made nut butter, banana and coconut, love it!

The weather was really good that day and in the afternoon we went to my parents in law. Jens visits them quite often before or after playing soccer, but for me it has been a while since I had seen them. So we had very much fun with food and drinks in the sun. Next we drove to my parents where we were supposed to eat. Also with my grandmother to celebrate my sister being back home again. We again had a lot of fun and the food was really good as well!

In the meantime I enjoyed watching a beautiful rainbow, which is really the only advantage of these rainy days if you ask me. Last week was Kings Day, but it felt like a normal Saturday to me. The weather was not good and it was no extra free day as well. Jens had to work, but I decided to have a look at the flee market. Which was a really bad idea, because even though it rained it was extremely busy, small streets and way to many people with prams trying to get through, it was a disaster! I returned home within an hour and did enjoy a Royal Lunch.

A matcha latte with pancakes and the new Happinez. You can’t make me happier . Sunday my grandmother celebrated her birthday and she welcomed us on at 10.30 and we arrived at 10.20 as early birds. We were the first ones to enjoy her famous mandarin cheese cake, love it so much! Perfect timing because when it became more crowded we could go home. To relax with the three of us on the couch.

All by all a busy month and I hope the same for May and when that mont is over we have 3 weeks of Holiday and I am looking forward to it already.

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