Personal: My Morning Routine 2.0

Personal: My Morning Routine 2.0

“I notice that this morning routine has helped me a lot to get more rest and start relaxed with the day.

Personal: My Morning Routine 2.0. I shared my Morning Routine with you last year already, but so much has changed that I want to tell you all about it.

Get up when the alarm goes off

Like I said in the previous Morning Routine blog I have to get out of bed when the alarm goes off. We sleep without our cellphones in the bedroom but that is the alarm as well. So I have to get out of bed when the alarm goes off and that helps not to snooze. My alarm is at 5.30 during the weeks. That way I have all the time I need before leaving to work at 7.45

Funny how I was not a morning person at all a few years ago. Nobody was allowed to talk to me and I was really grumpy as well. That has totally shifted. When the alarm goes off I am heading downstairs and start the day with a glass of lemon water. I squeeze half a lemon and mix it with water. A good start of the day which also has a lothof  health benefits


Go outside

Next I put my coat and shoes on and make a brisk walk with Leyla. I notice that when I don’t (right away) walk her in the morning I feel much more tired. During the walk and the fresh air I really wake up and that is a lovely start of the day. During the walk I don’t have my phone with me and listen to the birds and enjoy the silence around me. Because you can believe me when I say that there are not that many people outside at 5.30 in the morning.


Coffee and a shake

When we arrive home after about 30 minutes I make myself a latte macchiato with the oat milk from Oatly. Besides that I also boil an egg for lunch, since half of Juni I am intermittent fasting so I don’t have breakfast. That saves you time in the morning. While the eggs are boiling, I make myself a shake. I mix water in the blender with maca powder, matcha, spirulina, magnesium, vitamin d3, omega 3 and wheat grass into a shake. I drink it with my latte macchiato.



While I enjoy my coffee I write down 5 things that I am grateful for. That can be really small things, but sometimes also bigger things. By focusing on what you are grateful for in the beginning of the day you will start the day more positive. During the day you will also be more aware of the small things that you can be grateful for. I do notice feeling more happy during the day since doing this. Besides that I also set an intention for the day by thinking about how I want to feel at the end of the day.


Yoga & Meditation

When I have written everything down and finish my coffee, I am heading upstairs. I will do 15-20 minutes of yoga and I love it! I use the Youtube videos of Boho Beautiful and I did not expect that to have such an impact. After the first time I already noticed it when I did yoga in the morning I felt really relaxed. And that feeling stays throughout the day as well. I also notice being less relaxed when I haven’t done yoga in the morning. The effect is really big. 

Besides that I also meditate for 10-15 minutes depending on the time I have left. That way I start the day even more relaxed and with a clear mind. After showering and getting dressed I usually make lunch for the day as well. Every day I have the plan to do it the night before but usually I don’t manage to do it somehow.

And than at 7.45 I can leave for work. In the weekends that looks about the same. Only usually I get up at 6.00 instead of 5.30. And because I have more time, I also read a few pages in an inspiring book about personal development.

I notice that this morning routing has really helped me to relax more and also start the day feeling more relaxed. And you will feel the benefits throughout the entire day. I do understand that not everybody wants to or can make that much time free in the morning to all of this, but you can set small steps of course. I really liked to give you an insight in how I do this everyday.

What are you already doing to start the day relaxed?

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