My favorites that make me happy

My favorites that make me happy

“It gives me so much relaxation during the day.”

My favorites that make me happy. Organic Happiness stands mainly for tasty and healthy food, but I find the lifestyle just as important.

That is why I am making a list of all my favorites for a happy and healthy lifestyle for you today.  All things that make me happy, people that I follow, books that I like to read and much more!



Yoga has definitely become one of my favorites this year. There is almost no day that I don’t start with at least 15 minutes of yoa. It gives me so much relaxation during the day. If I miss one day I feel it in my body right away. My favorite channel to follow on Youtube and to practice the videos from is Boho Beautiful


Another lovely thing to start the day with, meditation. I am doing it for a few years already. And since this year also consequently almost every morning. I love it to make my head empty like that and to start the day in my own energy. Lately I am doing more and more silent meditations, but when I just started meditation I very much liked the meditations from the Honest Guys.


Since about a year I discovered the podcast, I know I am always a bit behind with trends. I have to drive for approximately 30 minutes to work and I love to listen to a podcast while driving. These are almost always podcasts in the area of self development and mindset. Some of my favorites are Deliciously Ella, Ed Mylett and Oprah Winfrey.



I used to read books with beautiful stories in which I could get lost. Nowadays I still read a lot of books, but now much more in the area of self development and mindset. I read to develop myself and also have a lot of favorites, but I will stay with my top 3 for now.

The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo, The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle and Ask and it is Given by Abraham Hicks.


I am not really a ‘girly-girl’ when it comes to make-up. I do like to polish my nails and get my make-up done beautiful every now and then, but when I have a day off I also easily go outside without any make-up on. When I have make-up on I want it to be good. And with good I mean, natural, animal tested free and without strange additions. Your skin is your biggest organ through which a lot can get into your body. So I prefer to not have any chemicals in my make-up. That is why I buy all my make-up online at the Green Beauty Shop where they have a very big assortment and also in different price categories.

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Cleaning Products

Cleaning is not something that really makes me happy, but once it is done I am very happy. I love a clean and organised house. It just gives me a sense of peace. And if I have to clean, I prefer to use natural products as well. Not only because they smell better and are better for the environment, but definitely also because of our dog. She has her nose much closer to our furniture and the floor and gets a lot more of those chemicals in her body. That is also why I am really happy with Marcel’s Green Soap. The assortment contains dishwasher tables as well as toilet cleaner, washing laundry detergent and all-purpose cleaner. They all smell really good and are also natural.

Nothing in this article has been sponsored, I am just a sincere fan of all the products and all of them really make me happy. I hope you liked reading it and of course that it gives you inspiration as well.

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