Mango coconut smoothie bowl

Mango coconut smoothie bowl. This healthy, delicious breakfast is really easy to make. Also lovely on the go and you can vary with it as well.
Finally the sun is shining and I am so happy with it! I notice having less energy and feeling less good when the weather is dark and rainy. Also for the pictures of course, because taking pictures with such dark weather is not ideal at all.  Yesterday was my free Friday, but because I had a meeting in the middle of the day I decided to go to work. First I only wanted to do that meeting, but since it was from 10.30 until 1 it was literally in the middle of the day so I did decide to work the entire day.
This Thursday I will have a day off because I am having a look at the Organic Fair. Last year was the first time that I went there and it was such a big success that I really want to go again this year. The only disadvantage is that it is taking place in Zwolle, which is a 2-hour drive away for me, but I am willing to do that. I already found a nice hotspot where I can start with a healthy breakfast and some other nice places to visit as well. Last year I also did that and I liked it a lot. I came home filled with energy, new ideas and business cards from nice companies that I could work on. Definitely now my blog is growing I really believe some nice cooperations could come out of it, that is also why I am looking forward to it so much.
During these dark days I felt like a happy/Summery breakfast and I managed to do it with this mango smoothie bowl.

Preparation time: 10 minutes
Amount:                      1 smoothie bowl

Special Products:

  • Blender

                                                                                      Egg free     Gluten free     No refined   100% organic                                                                                                                                  sugars added    ingredients

  • 150 grams (frozen) mango
  • 150 grams quark
  • 10 grams grated coconut
  • 50 grams mango
  • 15 grams blueberries
  • 10 grams granola
  • 5 grams grated coconut
How to make it?

I used frozen mango which makes the smoothie bowl a bit more firm so I would advise that.

Put it in the blender and add the quark and grated coconut to it. Mix into a nice firm, smooth mixture.

Put the smoothie in a bowl and you can decorate it with the topping. I used granola, grated coconut, blueberries and mango. You can of course vary with it.

Your smoothie bowl is ready and a really easy breakfast which is super delicious and healthy as well.
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