Oatmeal gingerbread porridge with mandarin

Oatmeal gingerbread porridge with mandarin. A warm breakfast with warm spices and a refreshing effect because of the mandarin. Fruit in a breakfast is definitely one of my favorites in a healthy lifestyle.

Sometimes I suddenly have ideas for recipes that I want to make right away and sometimes I don’t even understand where those ideas come from. That is also what happened with this recipe. Last week I was working on a planning for the blog for the upcoming months, to be able to also schedule the Christmas and Sinterklaas recipes. But I had a hard time thinking of any nice breakfast recipes that I felt like making as well. And suddenly the combination of mandarin and gingerbread popped into my mind and don’t ask my why, but it seemed like a good idea.

Somewhere deep in my mind I do know where it could have been coming from. Earlier this year my sister and I had lunch at the Koffiepand in Middelburg. I had a yogurt with crumbled gingerbread cookies and mandarin and I liked it a lot. Even though this is almost a year ago, it apparently got stuck in my mind and there was my inspiration. Last week I made it warm for myself which was a big success. Jens doesn’t like almond milk, he likes everything except that haha. For him I made a cold variant with quark which he really liked. Enough options to vary with this recipe, just like with the granola. Of course it is best to make it yourself. Click here for granola inspiration.

Preparation time: 5 minutes
Cooking time:         10 minutes
Amount:                     1 portion
Special Products:

  • Saucepan

Egg free       Lactose free           No refined      100% organic    Vegan                                                                                                                  sugars                   ingredients                                                                                                                                added

200 milliliters almond milk
20 grams (gluten free) oatmeal
1 mandarin
35 grams (gluten free) granola
5 grams gingerbread herbs

How to make it?

Put the almond milk with the oatmeal in a saucepan and put on low-medium heat fire. Let the almond milk warm slowly in approximately 10 minutes, it will get a bit thicker and become a real porridge by doing so. Put the oatmeal porridge in a bowl and lay the mandarin parts on the side. Divide the granola in the middle and optionally on the mandarin as well. You can divide the gingerbread herbs over the granola and over the mandarin as well if you like that.

It is best to mix before you will be eating, otherwise you will have a bite of herbs in your mouth. Your breakfast is now ready to enjoy!
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