Food Diary Holiday

Food Diary Holiday

“I covered my corn waffles with it and put some pieces of banana on it which I would definitely recommend.”

Food Diary Holiday. In this Food Diary I will take you through my Holiday and all the delicious things that we ate during the Holiday.

As you might have seen, the first 3 weeks of June were my Holiday. From Ascension Day (30 May) until 23 June, which was nice and long. So I enjoyed a lot of food, and I didn’t even take pictures of everything, but I do want to show you what I ate and how I kept my balance.

My breakfasts usually were an oatmeal porridge with blueberries and cashews, a real favorite of mine. Which is a variation on this oatmeal porridge. Except the last week because than I started intermittent fasting again, so I didn’t have breakfast in that week. We started our holiday on a Wednesday evening eating at a Chinese ‘all you can eat’ restaurant with my family in law. We did have fun, but the kind of food is not really my thing, because it is unhealthy and quite greasy.

That is also why I consciously chose the things I did like. I had a plate with rice, vegetables and some beef. Nice and still healthy and don’t get me wrong, because I also believe we can eat less healthy every now and then, but I like to make those choices consciously. I prefer eating something ‘unhealthy’ that I really like and enjoy instead of a Chinese tomato soup with a lot of sugar that I don’t even really like.

On Saturday afternoon Jens also had his Holiday and we decided to have a tapas night. The weather was really good, so I walked to the supermarket for toast, cheese, bread, cheese salad and another delicious tapas bites. I enjoyed doing this so much and as you can see this was before we did our garden and we had to improvise with the ‘table’ as well.

The day after I enjoyed a lovely lunch, 4 corn waffles of which 2 with that super delicious cheese salad and 2 with a boiled egg. While working in the garden I couldn’t resist buying a sausage roll by the way. And one day I even had lunch with my ultimate guilty pleasure, an almond sandwich. Which is a roll made from puff pastry filled with almond paste and covered with sugar. I like that so much, but forgot to take a picture unfortunately.

I also created this delicious lunch sandwich that I didn’t mean to make at all. We were out of coffee filters and to go to the store early in the morning and pass the freshly baked sandwiches is a risk. So I came home with freshly baked sandwiches. I covered them with cheese, tomato, boiled egg and some mayonnaise.

During the Pentecost weekend we had a festival in Jens’ hometown. We had a lot of fun, a fun night and laughed, danced and partied a lot. I had to drive so I didn’t drink and was quite sharp the next day. In Vlissingen was a nice food festival and given Jens’ hangover I didn’t think he wanted to go. I, as a joke, proposed to go and he accepted somehow.

So after we had our morning coffee in the sun in the garden, woke up easily, we drove to Vlissingen at the beginning of the afternoon. Jens decided to have breakfast with a hamburger hoping it would do his hangover good and it sure did. I did have breakfast, but couldn’t resist the nachos. We enjoyed them together in the sun with some nice music in the background.

I discovered this lunch dish kind of accidentally and it has become a new favorite, I made cashew butter (2 bags of cashew butter in the food processor and mix into butter for 10 minutes) and love it so much! I covered my corn waffles with it and place some slices of banana on top, I would definitely recommend it!

And this is another recommendation. I stir fried some glasswort with some garlic, an onion and some mushrooms. I made potato cubes in the oven. And that salmon is soo good. The recipe is from Uit Paulines Keuken  and so good, covered with herbs and feta from the oven. Another favorite that will be on the table more often.

We ended our holiday at the sea, a really cool hotspot opened close to our home. Which is the Oesterdam. For the first time ever I ordered fish in a restaurant and liked it a lot. This codfish with carrot cream and chives oil is a real recommendation. Nice and soft and lovely flavor combinations.

As you might have read through the lines I am choosing balance. If I have an almond sandwich in the afternoon, I try to have a healthy breakfast or eat less at dinner or have more vegetables. In this way I try to vary as much as possible and make healthy choices. I also notice I don’t feel like having a lot of unhealthy food and love that balance. Now that I am back to work I continue with it and it feels really good.

Since 2 weeks I am intermittent fasting which goes surprisingly well. I might write a blog about it soon, but in short it means that you don’t eat between certain times of the day (in my case 20.00 and 12.00). I have an extended lunch and try to get as many nutrients as possible. In the afternoon I have some fruit and at night a healthy dinner. I never would have though that I could do this so easily because I love food so much. But it is going really well and I am feeling really well with it as well. 

I hope you liked reading a bit more varied food diary with all kinds of recipes. And of course I hope that it will inspire you to try all these delicious recipes.

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