Food Diary September

Food Diary September

“There are a lot more variations of gluten free bread, but this is the first one without weird additions.”

Food Diary September. I just created some really nice combinations that I wanted to share with you this month.

It is funny how I can sometimes eat the same thing for months and than suddenly feel a lot of inspiration to create new recipes. This month somehow was all about egg and avocado. I discovered the gluten free sourdough bread from Yam and almost never eat bread, because it usually bothers my stomach and that is why I love this bread. There are a lot more variations of gluten free bread, but this is the first one without weird additions. So I started right away with making my first ‘avocado toast’ ever.

I mashed an avocado and put some salt, pepper and chili flakes on it. I covered some toast with it. Next I baked an omelette which I put on top of the avocado. A super delicious combination that I had saw a lot with others and was finally able to make myself.

On Sundays we usually eat pizza, I always use the vegetable pizza bottoms from Magioni (usually the zucchini one). Where I used to make tomato sauce and covered the pizza with a lot of fresh vegetables, I figured out a new really good recipe. I make green pesto myself (from spinach, cashews, garlic, basil and olive oil) and cover the bottom with it. Next there still will be fresh vegetables on top and I bake the pizza. In the meantime I grill halloumi with which I will cover the pizza in the end and top it off with a hand full or arugula.

Usually I make a bit more pesto than we need and I used it for this delicious lunch. I made 2 omelettes with egg, oatmeal and some plant based milk, to make sure they fill well. I covered them with a little bit of pesto and made a topping of cherry tomatoes, arugula and avocado. Super delicious and healthy!

On Sunday morning I love to make a big amount of pancakes. Jens was still sleeping and woke up a bit hangover so this was the perfect breakfast for him as well. I made these delicious pancakes with chocolate and peanut butter, the perfect start of a lazy Sunday.

Another delicious toast variation that I made, the first one is with hummus and avocado and the second one with mashed avocado and cherry tomatoes. Now that I eat more vegetables at lunch I notice being more full during the afternoon and don’t really experience an afternoon dip. So I would definitely recommend adding more vegetables to your lunch.

I love Spring and Summer, warm days and a lot of sunshine. Autumn usually makes me a bit depressive, although that word is too big. What does make me happy this time of year are definitely sprouts! Since I was a little girl they are my absolute favorite vegetables. I love to stir fry them with an onion, mushrooms and pecans. I always add some sweet potato fries and a vegetarian burger with cheese and it makes me so happy!

Another delicious egg variation, this time I baked an omelette with oatmeal, plant based milk and put some grated cheddar cheese on top. It melts and that gives such a delicious taste to the omelette. I covered these ‘egg wraps’ with arugula and cherry tomatoes.

At last I made this delicious toast, I got inspired by the Instagram of Deliciously Ella and decided to make my own variation. The recipe will be online Friday.

I hope you liked reading this Food Diary and of course that is has inspired you to also vary more with your food.

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