Food Diary – Breakfast in April 2019

Food Diary – Breakfast in April

“In the mornings it is still cold and I love to make an oatmeal porridge.” 

Food Diary – Breakfast in April. Several luxurious breakfasts, this month I enjoyed them a lot. Throughout the week I sometimes forgot the pictures, but in the weekends I didn’t. I enjoyed a lot of lovely food.

As you could have read in my month overview I was super excited that the Dutch strawberries had arrived again. I enjoyed them a lot. I made lovely breakfast tarts that I covered with coconut yogurt and fresh strawberries, a fresh glass of orange juice with it and my breakfast was complete!

I didn’t make a lot of pictures throughout the week at breakfast, but my breakfast didn’t vary a lot as well. In the mornings it is still cold and I love to make an oatmeal porridge. I love the one with nuts and blueberries, I really can’t get enough of it. And if I do feel tired I make this oatmeal porridge with apple and cinnamon, also really delicious!

Some elements return to my breakfast everyday by the way, as you can see. There is always a boiled egg for the B12 vitamins and my latte macchiato with oat milk that I love so much! Besides that I make a shake everyday with water, magnesium, spriulina, wheat grass, matcha, vitamin D, Omega 3 en maca powder. Not really tasty, but very healthy and on the side a whole food supplement.

With Easter I made these pancakes by recipe of Rens Kroes (from one of her books) and covered it with home made cashew butter. I love it so much and it is super easy as well! I used 250 grams of unsalted and unroasted nuts and mixed it in the food processor for 10 minutes and it is super tasty. I topped the pancakes of with some banana slices and grated coconut, loved it!

At last I had 2 dark brown bananas on Sunday morning last week that had to be eaten. I scrolled through my blog and found the recipe of pancakes with chocolate. I had forgotten about the recipe but these pancakes were super delicious. When I had made them I knew I had to make them again really soon.

I like it a lot if you make one of my recipes and I am very curious to see what you made and how you did it. That is why I like it also if you share it on Facebook or Instagram and tag Organic Happiness @organichappinessblog and/or use the hashtag #organichappiness

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