Healthy Hotspot – Anne & Max in Breda

Healthy Hotspot – Anne & Max in Breda

“They find the tasting of the food important of course, but also the feeling of it.” 

Healthy Hotspot – Anne & Max in Breda. A nice place where you can enjoy and have healthy and organic products, dishes and drinks.

When I heard at the beginning of this year that there would finally be an ‘Anne & Max‘ nearby I was really happy. I wanted to visit an Anne & Max already for a long time, because I really like their formula. But because most of their locations are far away for me it didn’t happen yet. So I send a friend a message that we had to visit as soon as it had opened. It took a while. They opened in February and we went last Saturday, but it was definitely worth the wait.


After we went shopping, we walked to Anne & max to have a nice lunch. Anne & Max is a franchise formula that is already located in 18 locations throughout the Netherlands. They present themselves as ‘your living room in the city’ and that fits exactly with what they show.

When you enter, you feel at home right away, the small tables where you can read a news paper. But also the high bar tables and the warmth it gives make that you feel at home right when you enter. Even though the building is really big, you don’t really notice it when you are in it. I find that an accomplishment and that also keeps the domestic environment they stand for.


Not only the environment and the feeling at Anne & Max are things I like, but the formula maybe even more. They find the tasting of the food important of course, but also the feeling of it. And that is also where I stand for with Organic Happiness. That is why they use as many organic, fairtrade and traditional products as possible and you definitely taste that. Besides that everything is made in their own kitchen. I prefer that as well, pure ingredients and quality products you taste it directly. And besides that you will feel much better after eating it as well.

The only disadvantage of that many healthy, organic and pure products is that it is extremely difficult to make a choice on the menu!


You can order breakfast throughout the entire day and those dishes vary from a smoothie bowl until an extended breakfast to share, but there are also a lot of healthy lunch options. What about sandwiches on bread that has been exclusively baked for Anne & Max? Or focaccia sandwiches with a topping or maybe shakshuka? And we didn’t even talk about the pastry including gluten- and sugar free options. There are many options. And we decided to go here every week to be able to taste everything on the menu.

Besides the fact they work with that many pure, organic and traditional ingredients a lot of the products used is also produced in an environment friendly way.

Anne Max final

After doubting a lot I finally was able to make a choice, which was really difficult. I went to have a fresh orange juice with a chai latte that was extremely good. I had a warm breakfast dish with it: freshly baked banana bread with clotted cream and fresh fruit. It was really good, the banana bread was firm and a bit spicy. If you ask me it could have had a bit more clotted cream, but I did like it a lot!

If you want more information about Anne & Max or the concept, have a look at their website. I visited the location in Breda, that is at the Wilhelminastraat 17 and is daily opened between 08.00 and 19.00.


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